The Best Woodturning Tools For Beginners

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Woodturning is a great hobby, but can quickly become expensive, especially when first starting out.  There are many brands of woodturning tools available, and it may be difficult to know which to buy.  You don’t have to buy an expensive Sorby set when you are first learning woodturning.

Woodturning properly requires sharp tools.  Part of learning to turn wood is learning to sharpen the tools.  Starting out with an expensive set of chisels could be a costly mistake if you find out you are struggling to sharpen your tools properly.  Keep in mind that each time you sharpen a chisel, you are removing some of the metal.  You will want to remove as little metal as possible from your chisels so they will last much longer.

That being said, there are some great woodturning tools to get started with that won’t break the budget.  If you are new to turning, or are looking to purchase a woodturning chisel set for someone, there is decent wood lathe chisel available from Penn State Industries.  It is Benjamin’s Best HSS Wood Lathe Chisel Set (LCHSS8) .  This chisel set is ideal for beginners because of both its quality and price, and has many positive reviews.

The Benjamin’s Best woodturning chisel set comes with tools that will allow you to complete many different woodturning projects including spindles, bowls, pens, and more.

Best woodturning for new turners

The PSI (Penn State Industries)/ Benjamin’s Best HSS Wood Lathe Chisel Set (LCHSS8) includes 8 woodturning chisels in a wood case:

  • 3/16 Inch parting tool
  • 5/8-Inch spear scraper
  • 1-Inch skew chisel
  • 5/8-Inch skew chisel
  • 5/8-Inch round nose scraper
  • 1/2-Inch bowl gouge
  • 3/4-Inch spindle gouge
  • 7/8-Inch roughing gouge


Please note that the tools will most likely need to be sharpened when you get them.  Make sure you have a good method of sharpening your chisels. There are a variety of sharpening systems available.

woodturning sharpening system
Woodturning Tool Sharpening System

Find out more about PSI (Penn State Industries)/ Benjamin’s Best HSS Wood Lathe Chisel Set (LCHSS8) HERE>